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Since 1991 we have mainly been developping modules for various physical applications of the Swiss Research Institute, Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI), Villigen/Switzerland.Our modules are in operation in the Gantry installation (medical research) and in the Swiss Light Source (SLS).
We also develop electronic modules according to customer specifications.

Our main products  and services are:

  Based on our universal IO-VME module we can meet customer demands with little hardware development. Eight submodules can be placed on this mainboard with a maximum of 80 IO-ports. Examples are 
- SSI550 (Syncron Serial Interface),
- ECM 514A (4-Channel Encoder Counter Module)
- ECM 505/F 5-Channel Absolute-Encoder)
- DCR508 (5-Channel Windows Discriminator)
and so on.

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